Light Bulb Surveillance Camera

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  • Smart Monitoring: The Light Bulb Surveillance Camera falls under the category of smart monitoring devices, offering advanced surveillance features in a compact and inconspicuous design. It allows you to monitor your surroundings and keep an eye on your property, enhancing your overall security measures.
  • Dual Functionality: This device serves a dual purpose, functioning as both a light bulb and a surveillance camera. Integrating these two functionalities provides efficient use of space and eliminates the need for separate devices, streamlining your monitoring setup.
  • Focal Length: The surveillance camera features a fixed focus lens, ensuring a clear and focused image within a specific range. This focal length is optimized for capturing detailed visuals within a designated area, providing reliable monitoring coverage.
  • Easy Installation: Installing the Light Bulb Surveillance Camera is straightforward. It can be easily screwed into a standard light bulb socket, providing a hassle-free setup without the need for complex wiring or additional hardware. Once installed, you can connect it to your existing Wi-Fi network for remote access and control.
Light Bulb Surveillance Camera

Light Bulb Surveillance Camera